August 12, 2021

Top 7 Universities & Colleges in Canada for International Students

Canada is one of the most sought out destinations for education among international students. Canada has consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world in the terms of education and quality of living. The country is home to thousands of immigrants making it a great place for students to adjust and explore various cultures and traditions alongside experiencing a great quality of education. 

Canada has an affordable fee structure compared to countries like the UK and the US, and the study method focuses on research supported by the Canadian government. Canada has a Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) which allows students to work and stay in Canada for up to three years after the completion of their course. Following are some of the top Universities in Canada preferred by international students that provides great quality of education:

  • Thompson Rivers University

Established in 1970, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is one of the most preferred universities in Canada by international students. With the fees structure being affordable and the percentage of international students being 16, it is an ideal university choice for any international student. Providing 140 on-campus programs and 60 open learning programs, TRU has helped more than 33,000 Canadian students and more than 15,000 International students graduate. The university’s method of teaching empowers students to reach their goals with flexible study options and a diverse cultural environment. 

There are various scholarships, bursaries, and hands-on learning opportunities for students helping them to grow and prosper in their careers.

  • University Canada West

Ranked as one of the top 10 best online Universities in Canada for 2021, University Canada West (UCW) offers a variety of courses such as Bachelor of Commerce, Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, and many more. The university offers a great quality of education and is preferred by thousands of students from all over the world. With flexibility in learning and delivery modes (online study or on-campus), the university has created a friendly and safe environment for students belonging to more than 90 countries from all around the world. 

And talking about the employability of graduates from UCW, 100% of MBA students have secured employment within 6 months of graduation.  


  • St. Lawrence College 

Established as a college of Applied Arts and Technology in 1967, St. Lawrence College (SLC) offers numerous courses such as engineering, accounting, hospitality, business, and many more. Offering quality of education and a great study environment, the fee structure of SLC is relatively lower than other colleges which attract international students who are on a budget. 

The college focuses on teaching techniques to help students be able to solve real-world problems and guide them to establish themselves in a competitive global market. St. Lawrence has various international partnerships and articulation agreements making the degree to be accepted internationally and highly valued. The college provides a supportive atmosphere that helps the students to have a fulfilling college experience and an academic support Centre that helps students succeed in their academic careers.

  • Nipissing University

Focusing on innovative and student-based teaching practices, the university has been providing great quality of education since 1967 as an affiliate of Laurentian University and independently since 1992. Nipissing University is well known for its flexible course option and excellence in the field of arts and science.  

Nipissing University provides various undergraduate and graduate courses helping the students gain skills and knowledge essential for their career prospects. The education system in this university creates a positive environment enabling students to learn and grow to accomplish their career goals. 

  • Acsenda School of Management

Acsenda School of Management is located in Vancouver which is one of the vibrant districts of Canada. The institution provides an undergraduate degree in hospitality management and business management for the students aspiring to pursue their careers in these fields. The institute provides diverse learning opportunities and small class sizes that help students get one-on-one attention from the teachers. 

Acsenda has a vibrant student life with various events and activities helping them to expand their professional network. With students from more than 43 different countries, the institute has a multicultural community with students belonging to different cultures and religions. As an international student in Canada adjusting to the Acsenda School of Management will not be a problem as a large majority of the institutions’ population consists of international students. 


  • Crandall University

Located in the city of Moncton, New Brunswick, Crandall University is a well-reputed University with experienced professors having strong academic backgrounds. The university has a safe environment with roots in the Christian faith that warmly welcomes students from all around the world. Even though Crandall is a Christian University you do not have to be Christian to attend the university. While undertaking their course the students can enjoy recreational activities such as soccer, basketball on the campus. Founded under the name of United Baptist Bible Training School in 1949, Crandall University is a small yet renowned university in Moncton, Canada.

It is one of the most affordable universities and has been providing excellent education since 1949. If you have any confusion regarding the application process, do not hesitate to contact us. We are one of the best education consultancies in Nepal for Canada and will guide you through the process for your abroad studies. 

  • Avalon College

Avalon College is a Quebec-based college with more than 25 years of experience. Established in 1995 the institute has been inspiring and shaping students to pursue their dreams in the education field of their choice. The campus is located in Quebec City and Montreal, making it easily accessible to the students no matter where they plan on living. Known for the quality of education and student-centered programs, the college provides flexible programs to the student where they get to explore great learning opportunities.

Avalon provides a scholarship of 200$ CAD for all the students and the fees include one year of health coverage as well. The campus has a multilingual and multicultural environment where international students get to enjoy the diverse culture.

These are some of the universities and colleges that provide great quality of education and have a great reputation among many international students. If you are interested in pursuing further studies in Canada contact us. We at Expert Education and Visa Services,  have been helping students to fulfill their academic goals since 2003. We are one of the top education consultancies in Nepal and will help you with the process of studying in Canada.

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