September 10, 2021

Role and Importance of Education Consultancy

Studying abroad has become a global phenomenon, with thousands of students pursuing abroad study each year from all around the globe. There are various reasons why students choose to study abroad even though the process isn’t easy. The students who plan on studying abroad look for several aspects such as quality of education, affordability of tuition fees, the standard of living, safety, etc. while choosing their study destination.

Not to be limited to the course options and universities available in their own country, students look to broaden their horizons and gain experience by exposing themselves to the new environment by studying abroad. Making an educational decision can either make or break one’s career and students who are looking to expand their skills and knowledge need proper guidance to make their future career success. So, it is of great importance to be able to select a course that fits your interest.

Established in 2003, Expert Education and Visa Services have been helping students reach their preferred education destination with ease with help from our expert professionals. Being able to choose the right career path that fits your previous academic history is quite important for an individual to have a successful career. Here, we will guide you to make a decision that is fit for your interest and will give you free counseling so that you can choose that path that suits you the best.

A few of the most important aspects of choosing a top education consultancy to process for your further studies are:

Career and Education Counseling

top consultancy in Nepal for Canada

Education consultancies often provide free counseling facilities to their clients, which helps them be able to decide on what degree they want to pursue for their future careers. The consultancies help provide honest guidance and process to make your process of abroad studies easier. We have a team of experts with years of experience who will help guide you to make good career choices.

Evaluating students Profile 

Evaluating students Profile

Knowing your background and what type of study will suit your interest the best is essential. After you provide your information of your academic history and your financial situation, the counselor will evaluate and provide few options that is best for you. If you have a course already in mind but are confused about the university you want to go with, education counselors help you with that too. After knowing your budget and your field of interest they will guide you to make a decision that fits your interest the best.

Preparing for English Language proficiency test 

Top consultancy in Nepal for UK

It is a compulsory requirement for studying abroad to have IELTS/ PTE score to apply. The test score does help you get into the university that you are interested in. For getting proper guidance and understanding about IELTS you should contact a good education consultancy near you and start your preparation classes. If you’re looking for the best education consultancy in Nepal that will help you further with your academic goal and provide genuine advice you should contact us. We will help prepare you to do your best in the English Language proficiency test and achieve a good score.


Top consultancy in Nepal for Canada

There are various scholarship opportunities for international students and finding a university with scholarship opportunities will help reduce your financial pressure as a student. Every scholarship has its eligibility criteria and there are various scholarships provided so you should check or enquire about the eligibility criteria before applying for the university.

If you are interested in learning more about the scholarships provided by the universities, then arrange your consultation with us, our consultancy will help you with international scholarships available for Nepalese students.

Choose us to get honest guidance regarding your process of studying abroad and help us guide you towards a decision that is best for you.